Arai helmet RX-7V Maverick

Helmet Full-Face Arai Rx-7V Maverick

RX-7V is the ultimate expression of the know-how, technology and experience gained from the construction of Arai helmets. Thanks to a hood completely redesigned PB-SNC2, the revolutionary system Visor VAS (Variable Axis System) and the fact that he had made the area of the temples even more smooth and durable, RX-7V sets a new reference among the helmets Top Range. The new interior Ecopure, even more comfortable, the new profiles of the air intakes and the improvements to the ventilation system Diffuser, show the attention to detail and build quality that has always distinguished Arai. The shape of the cap, which meets the criterion R75 Shape, our engineers have managed to improve the ability of the helmet to slide and bounce on any obstacles with excellent results absorption not only at the time of testing, but also in the 'World Real'.



The new resin used, improves the cohesion between the various layers of fiber, allowing the cap to be more resistant but also lighter. (About 30 grams)


The upper air intake centrally, provides 11% more for ventilation and the new system of opening / closing of the same, allows the user use an extremely fast and intuitive. The Air Channel, force the air from entering the temple area to the side ducts. The new Diffuser, are 20 mm larger, aerodynamically more efficient and enable you to enter the 19% more air inside the helmet. The Airwing, adjustable in five positions, improves stability and reduces the effect buffetting at high speeds.

New shape

The new cap, completely redesigned according to the criterion R75 Shape, is built to be more smooth and durable, allowing the helmet to slip on any obstacles, without generating hazardous rotations. The system allows to further lower VAS visor opening mechanisms allowing the helmet to boast excellent absorption even in the area of ??temples.

More space in the chin

The new design of the cover, increases the space in the chin area of ??3mm.

New System Block Visor

With our experience in the F1 championship, the visor locking system has been completely redesigned. The system is safe and durable as ever before but can be operated with a single movement extremely fluid and intuitive - even with gloves.

New visor

VAS: The new system visor Variable Axis System, has allowed the technicians Arai to reduce the size of the mechanism and the external media, improving not only the performance of the helmet in case of impact but also facilitating the replacement of the same, thanks to a procedure more intuitive.

New interior

The upholstery fabrics and interior design have been completely redesigned, to make the fitting of RX-7V more comfortable. In case of need, the points most subject to stress are designed to flex or even separated, and does not interfere in the performance of absorption of the cap.

New Diffuser

20mm longer to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency at high speeds. The front intake holes have been enlarged. The system for opening / closing the air outlets is even more easy to operate and has been modified, to improve the quietness of the helmet even when these are closed.

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